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  • We will be presenting workshops to help you get the most out of your fitness and health


  • Previous Workshops: 
    • Stress Reduction: Need more Bliss in your life? Enter the holiday season with more peace and calm
    • Fascial Movement for Better Health Discover how adding simple movement variables to your day can enhance mobility, strength and durability
    • Kettlebell 101: Learn best practices and proper technique to improve core strength, build endurance, alleviate low back stress and more
    • Your Best Road Race: Improving, strength and endurance to empower you to have your best 5 or 10 Race
    • Fall Prevention Workshop: Uncover your risk factors and learn strategies to improve balance and coordination


42 Days – Fittest You Challenge ‘18

This super successful Program Jan 12-Feb 24th is sold out.  Contact us to create a customized program for yourself or to join our waitlist for the next program.

Our challenges yield amazing results!

Check out the PROGRAM PAGE and the TESTIMONIALS PAGE to learn more!

  •  FYW’s Annual R&R Retreat
    When? January 2019
    Where? Kripalu in Stockbridge
    Cost? Prices include unlimited relaxation, daily yoga and dance classes, quiet spaces, workshops, evening activities and all nutritious, delicious meals
    • $388 Dorm style, shared bath
    • $452 Shared room, shared bath
    • $650 Private room, shared bath
    • Deluxe accommodations available
    • Learn more here
    Other Options for additional cost: