See what our clients are saying!


Lisa F: “I found the Fitness Your Weigh Fall Shape Up Program to be extremely helpful in getting me back on track with my food and fitness goals. The accountability was key in this process: knowing that someone else would be seeing my food journal was very motivating and getting extra health and fitness tips was very helpful. I really appreciated the extra support and encouragement.”



Geri H who participated in our Fall Shape Up Program with her hubby Paul: “Keeping a daily food diary, nutritional advice and fitness tips from all the trainers and taking advantage of the unlimited classes led to successful results for me at the end of the fall shape up program. The weekly challenges and adding stickers to our calendars for meeting the challenges added a little fun to the shape up program”.

Paul adds “I am happy because I lost about 8lbs. My workouts seem to be going better now that I have lost weight”.



Christine W: “I loved that FYW offered the Fall Shape Up Program. It helped me stay focused on my eating habits and kept me moving! Having the accountability kept me in line and I got the end results I wanted – feeling better and losing weight”.

Michelle M: “Wow! After just 6 short weeks of taking part in Fitness Your Weigh’s Fall Shape Up Program I gained ~ 5 pounds of muscle, brought my body fat percentage down by ~ 5%, and lost 3.5 inches from my waist! After having been virtually inactive for about a year, I really never thought I’d be fit enough again to take part in any group classes at a gym. Working out with the Fitness Your Weigh coaches showed me how easy it really was to get back into it, and helped me put my best foot forward to work toward my goals. Tracking my food and activities, and being held accountable for my food journal, was a key factor in my success. Knowing my coach was looking at my food journal kept me in check, and she was always there to provide some nutritional suggestions for my meals. I still have a ways to go to reach my ultimate goals, but this challenge gave me a jumpstart, and I would definitely do it again”!


Carol M: “I had been struggling for months to get to back to eating healthy and working out on a regular basis. My clothes were tight and just didn’t fit well at all and my energy level was down. I couldn’t motivate myself, but thanks to the FSUP, I am eating much better, making it to more classes, and feeling more energized. An added plus … I once again fit into my favorite pair of black pants”.



clients 2

“I have probably spent a good part of my adult life engaged in some sort of exercise program, so I feel confident in commenting on where Steve Levesque has fit into my exercise world. I noticed Steve as a trainer while I was working with someone else at a Nashua, NH gym and thought I wouldn’t mind hiring him. His engagement with his clients revealed a relationship between client and trainer that seemed more comfortable and individual than anything I had ever experienced.

“As it turned out, Steve took me on as a client shortly thereafter and I could determine for myself that my impressions were correct about him. He immediately committed to me as a new client and his genuine interest in developing an exercise program for me that both maintained yet challenged my strength level became apparent. I recognized, while working with Steve that I could work through a program on my own with periodic updates but having him oversee my weekly program meant more in terms of quality of performance and staying the course of a long-term exercise program. I decided to bite the bullet and invest in a weekly commitment that has had an overall beneficial impact on my physical health.

“I can say without hesitation that my metabolism has changed and I’m able to enjoy eating the foods I like without suffering the consequences of significant weight gain. I like the way my clothes fit me and the general healthy feeling that rules my life. My exercise routine is ingrained into my soul and Steve always makes sure that my needs are met.”
–  Bobbie S

FYW28“Our whole family benefits from Laura’s expertise, enthusiasm, and encouragement.   As a middle school teacher herself, she’s been able to relate extremely well to our 12 and 14 year olds and help them both work toward their fitness goals all while having a ton of fun.”

– Andy, Lisa, Max and Gwen F










“It is without hesitation that I have recommended Steve Levesque to friends and co-workers during the three (plus) years in which he has been my personal trainer/nutritional counselor. As a physically fit, sixty-three year old woman, I am strong and extremely agile. I have been exercising for twenty three years but I need Steve’s excellent coaching skills to keep me motivated; especially those times I’ve gotten off track. He is a strong motivator!

“Additionally, I need Steve’s guidance with my cardiovascular and strength training workouts. He keeps me current with the ever-changing exercises. He has done a great job of tying together all of the components of fitness. This, combined with a degree in Exercise Physiology, make Steve a well qualified trainer. I would encourage new exercisers to consider Steve because he will teach proper form. That has always been extremely important to me.

“We thoroughly enjoy having Steve come to our home for personal training because he is able to make me work hard all the while with a refreshing sense of humor and wit (thank goodness)!!”
–  Donna B

“I am a 55 year old, healthy, active, woman. I have been physically active for years but as I got older I found that I had reached a plateau and my workout needed a little boost. A friend of mine suggested I give Fitness Your Weigh a try. Although I was hesitant at first (both cost and the fear of 1-on-1 workouts) I decided to give it a try. I have never regretted my decision. Personal training with Steve at Fitness Your Weigh has given me just what I needed, a stronger core and an overall better feeling about me and my appearance. You are never too old to try to increase your fitness level and feel better about yourself.”
–  Betsy P


Laura is an amazing person and trainer. You can tell that she really loves what she is doing. She always has a smile and words of encouragement. She takes the time to help you set goals and encourages and helps you to attain those goals. Laura always takes the time to demonstrate exercises that you are not sure how to perform. She watches and corrects your form to ensure you get the most from your workout without injuries. When I told her that I was going to Alaska and Yellowstone she was excited for my opportunity and made me believe that I was up to the challenge with all the walking that was going to be involved. I look forward to my Saturday morning workouts even if I am having a bad day because I know that when I get there I will be greeted with an smile and words of encouragement. Thanks Laura for taking the time to help me be the best that I can be.

-Mary H

“In April of 2007 I began working with Steve at “Fitness Your Weigh.” I was experiencing knee and severe back pain, which had kept me out of work for three weeks during the previous winter. Riding an hour in the car, to visit our granddaughter, caused pain. I was a person who had gone to a variety of group exercise programs and fitness centers throughout my life, because I wanted to stay fit as I aged. As Steve and I worked together in the fall of 2007, he continued to notice that I had a lot of back and hip pain, and he wondered if I might need a hip replacement. Steve advised that I get a bone density test. The results of that test in January of 2008 showed that I had osteoporosis of the lumbar spine and osteopenia in my hips. My medical doctor was very impressed that Steve had noticed a specific issue and advised the bone density test.

“Now, only 8 months later I am pain free. The added bonus is that I have lost 12 pounds and have gone down 2 dress sizes. I was never extremely heavy, but had assumed for the past 18 years that I would always wear a size 8-10 dress for the remainder of my life. It is really fun to go shopping and try on clothes that look and feel good. Initially when I began going to “Fitness Your Weigh,” some of my colleagues good naturedly teased me about having a “Personal Trainer.” As they have watched the results they admire what I am doing. People often ask about the cost, because they feel it will be prohibitive. It is not as expensive as you might imagine.

“When I weigh the cost of feeling really good, both physically and mentally, and being able to spend time with my grandchild, it is priceless. I am worth it. We are all worth it.”
–  Jolene Z

“I have worked with Steve for the past two years.  During that time I have significantly increased my strength and flexibility and have become much more knowledgeable about how my body works, from a nutrition and exercise standpoint. Thank You!”
–  Michael, Groton, MA; Client Since Feb. 2007

“I met Steve in 1999 after I joined a gym where he was working.  I started training with him then (I was his first client) and have continued to train with him for the past 10 years.  He is very professional, makes working out a challenge but at the same time a lot of fun.  I have recommended many clients to him and will continue to do so.”
–  Donna  C

“I am 80 years old and started training with Steve in 2007. I look forward to my sessions with him; he has helped me to become stronger both mentally and physically.  I have more energy, my posture is better and I feel so much stronger.  I always look forward to my workouts. No matter what your age he treats everyone the same.”
–  Anne A


“I trained under Steve Levesque roughly once a week for a year, and I have been extremely pleased with both the process and results. Steve was knowledgeable, motivating, professional, and supportive.  His small studio in Westford was all we needed, but I’m delighted that he is moving to expanded facilities in Groton. Quarterly and annual measurements showed substantial strength increases in push-ups, sit-ups, forearm curls and in duration for “planks,” which challenge abdominals. In addition to a great feeling after every workout, I’ve noticed increasing strength in my day-to-day activities. For example, the bags of salt for our water softener definitely seem lighter now. Bravo Steve!  ”
–  Bob L


“I have worked with Steve as my personal trainer for over a year now between two and three sessions per week.  I have gained improved flexibility, stamina and muscle tone.  Steve is always professional while being fun at the same time. He addressed issues that I had regarding health and adapted my workout routine accordingly.  I am lifting more weight than I thought I could and continue to do so safely.  I Feeling younger and stronger. It is 100% worth the investment of funds and time. Try it and I promise Steve will have you feeling better in no time!”
–  Deborah H

clients team

“Training with Steve is truly ‘Fitness Your Weigh’. He’s helped me achieve and maintain my goal to become a healthier and stronger individual in my mid-life years. He’s developed a program, for me, incorporating personal training (with Steve, once a week) and nutrition, as well as an exercise program I can follow at home with the purchase of a minimal amount of equipment.

“Steve continually makes the workouts interesting – coming up with new routines and exercises for a total body workout.

“He also has a wealth of knowledge in regards to “cures” for your aches, pains, injuries and other ailments and will guide you through the proper exercises, stretches and other remedies to keep you healthy, strong and injury free.

“In a relatively short period of time (less than one year) I have lost body fat, gained muscle strength as well as noticeable muscle tone and have much more energy than I did prior to working with Steve.  I am fascinated at what you can achieve from a strength training workout!”
–  Denyce C


“Fortunately for me, a friend recommended Steve when my trainer of several years retired. I was a bit reluctant to work with a man, but that has not been a problem at all. My once a week session with Steve is so important to me that I was driving an hour each way. Working with Steve has helped me maintain the strength and fitness level that is important to me as I get closer to 70 years old. I’ll continue as long as I can.”
–  J.H.M.








“I have been going once a week to Steve’s studio for over a year & 7 months.  I have been to several gyms, I can’t compare the two. I get personal care and special training for me, proper nutrition information, and complete follow up from the most gentle trainer who actually cares about my well being. I’m 67 years old and diabetic. Steve helped me lose 10 lbs and keep that weight off. I’ve gained muscle and strength; I can say I feel great about doing something for me. I have even taken the www.realage.com test and found out my body inside is 60 (I’m 7 years younger because I exercise).”
–  R.L.V — Female

“My workouts with Steve have aided in maintaining a 20 lb. weight loss.  In addition, I definitely feel and look younger; and I have more energy than I had in my 40’s. I’ve gone down a few sizes in my clothes, and shopping is fun again.  The real miracle for me is that I can run 2 miles—something I never did even in my 20’s! I realize more now that the things which we believe to be impossible may be attainable if we are persistent and attack our goals with a “can do” attitude.

“With Steve, working out is fun—something I never thought would be possible. He continually encourages, motivates, and inspires.

“Steve works you hard, but the benefits are well worth it!”
–  Anne D.

“Dear Steve,

“I want to thank you for being my personal trainer for the past two years. You have been nothing but professional and enjoyable to work with. When I came to you I was skeptical about personal training but you very quickly showed me the benefits to be derived from that. You challenge me every time I come for a workout but you also make it enjoyable and – crazy as it may seem – fun. I have lost 34 lbs and reduced my body fat from 34% to 22%. Seeing you weekly along with regular visits to my gym has been very instrumental in my progress. The workouts you have given will sustain me for a long time to come. Right now I feel at least 10 years younger than my age of 61. Everything in my daily life is easier and my golf game is getting better. This is all attributable to your efforts with me each and every week that I come.

“I thank you so much for what you have given me.”
–  Bernie D

On February 24, 2009 I quit smoking — that’s the day I first met Steve. I only weighed 130 lbs on day 1, but working with Steve 2x/week helped me to lose 3.5% of my body fat -5 lbs – and I gained 2 lbs of lean muscle — all in about 12 weeks. I reduced my belly tape measurement by 1.5 inches and my thigh by 2 inches. I was able to do 30 sit-ups in 1 minute on day 1, I now don’t even think of stopping until I hit 50 sit-ups (usually because he doesn’t let me think of stopping). Thanks Steve!”
–  Brenda G

Are you a current client of Fitness Your Weigh?  Would you like to see your comments on this page?  Feel free to fill in the contact page and let us know how we’re helping you achieve your fitness goals!