Fitness Services



We offer over 19 hours and a variety of classes which include: 

  • TRX Suspension Training
  • Bootcamp: our full body workout designed to build strength and endurance
  • Afterburn: our customized high intensity workout!
  • New Class styles added each season. Check our schedule to see what’s happening this month!
  • Open Attendance: we offer a rolling start time on several of our classes (see Schedule) to help you easily join in the workout, even when you are running late
  • Appointment based classes: help you be accountable and make progress

 Check out our Class Descriptions  

trx class







Personal Training

Your health and fitness goals are our priority. Our qualified staff includes an Exercise Physiologist and Certified Personal Trainers with the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals safely, effectively and with a whole lot of fun!

Contact 603-494-8680 to schedule.

For our new clients, get started on your Fitness Your Weigh experience here:

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